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Other Free Stuff Lists

* Newest or updated entries are at the top of the list *

Aug. 15th, 2005:

  • Free Stuff Directions -- Offers a list of free stuff such as tvs, cash and video games and directions on how to get the freebies. The "How To" Free Stuff Site.

July 28th, 2005:

Mar. 29th, 2005:

  • SynergyCash -- Surfers can earn cash for completing free trials at SynergyCash. Music download trials, game trials, weight loss, and more.

  • Fat Cat Freebies -- Constantly updated with the newest, fattest freebies, free samples, free condoms, free DVDs and more.

June 1st, 2004:

  • Free Toothpaste -- Get some free toothpaste and other free samples (easy links to the manufacturers' sites).

  • freestuff4net -- If you're in the U.K., check this out -- a huge directory with the latest competitions, free stuff, best freebies, free cash rewards, clipart, free coupons, and more.

May 6th, 2004:

  • Free After Rebate -- You can get a lot of computer gear, consumer electronics and office supplies, free after rebates from respected merchants. (Shipping and tax are usually not refunded, but they're still terrific deals.)

  • All Free Samples -- Free samples in many categories including candy, baby, cosmetics, food, automotive, and more.

July 3rd, 2003:

  • The Free Stuff Times -- A nice and simple list of free stuff -- no ads or referrals, just real free stuff.

  • $0 = Free! -- Links to 100% free stuff... Get free e-mails, free web hosting... download free programs such as anti-viruses and pop-ups blockers... Get free high quality wallpapers... and free screen-savers...

Feb. 1st, 2003:

  • You Get Info -- Free ebooks, articles, short stories, freebie resources, and useful information on varied subjects.

Oct. 29th, 2002:

  • Freebie Haven -- A great list of sites with the best freebies on the web.

Oct. 3rd, 2002:

Sep. 4th, 2002:

  • 1ezone -- Directory of free stuff available on the internet including free coupons, software, catalogs, jokes, ecards, contests as well as shopping offers.

Aug. 1st, 2002:

  • Lady's Freebie Collection -- A growing compilation of free offers and services on the internet. Updated every day with at least 5 new offers.

July 5th, 2002:

  • Best of the Best Freebie Sites -- Lists many of the best freebie sites, ranked by visitors' votes.

  • Freebie Geek -- This site lists some of the hottest freebies available online. Join their newsletter and get a chance to win prizes.

  • iFree -- A visitor-ranked list of freebie sites.

  • Top 20 Free Sites -- A list of other popular free-stuff sites, ranked by visitors.

Apr. 29th, 2002:

Feb. 20th, 2002:

  • Freebie Land -- This site has lots of links to free offers.

Feb. 9th, 2002:

  • Goodies Central -- Searchable directory of free stuff and trial offers, updated daily with the most recent freebies.

Nov. 12th, 2001:

  • Digital Free Stuff -- A directory of hundreds of popular freebies from across the Web in several categories.

  • -- Your guide to free money and resources on the net.

Oct. 22nd, 2001:

Aug. 7th, 2001:

  • Freebietools -- A guide to online free stuff and webmaster resources.

July 27th, 2001:

  • Daily Freebie -- Daily free updates, filled with the best free samples, bargains and prizes plus a messageboard too.

June 18th, 2001:

June 16th, 2001:

  • Pepperbob's Best free Stuff -- A family friendly site bringing you the very best free offers and samples on the internet.

  • 1TwoFree -- Daily freebie newsletter & FreeSample DeJour (2 new free samples every day).

June 15th, 2001:

  • A Touch of Freebies -- 100's of free samples and goodies, with new freebies aded Monday thru Friday.

June 13th, 2001:

June 9th, 2001:

  • -- The UK's biggest free stuff guide. They list hundreds of things you can get for free including CD's, t-shirts, food and shampoo. You'll also find internet freebies such as webspace, hit counters and e-mail. They also have new screensaver and toolbar skins sections.

June 3rd, 2001:

  • Only The Best Freebies -- A listing of freebies and newsletters to Canada, USA, and International users - all seperately but offered from the same site.

May 31st, 2001:

  • 1 2 3 Free Stuff Page -- Offers links to lots of cool FREE stuff. Beauty Products, Health Samples, Kids Stuff, Baby Stuff, Games and more.

May 29th, 2001:

  • FreebieFox -- Finding you the best freebies on the net.

May 27th, 2001:

  • Free Stuff Engine -- Provides you with the best and newest freebies. Find thousands of freebies in over 30 categories Only the best freebies so you will not waste your time looking for them.

May 10th, 2001:

  • Free Stuff for Women -- Free stuff just for women. Free perfume, makeup, beauty samples, coupons, baby stuff and lots more.

Apr. 11th, 2001:

Mar. 29th, 2001:

  • free paradise -- Free games, software, catalogs, coupons and more.

Mar. 23rd, 2001:

  • Cool-Freebies -- A listing of places to get the best free stuff for webmasters.

Mar. 17th, 2001:

  • -- The best freebies, competitions and sweepstakes from Aussie and all over the world. Search our database or browse the categories, you are sure to find just the right freebie for you.

Mar. 4th, 2001:

Mar. 2nd, 2001:

  • TGI Free Stuff -- Excellent Free Stuff source, offering a fantastic selection of quality free samples and other free stuff.

Mar. 1st, 2001:

Feb. 8th, 2001:

  • #1 Free Stuff -- All kinds of great free offers. Updated several times a week, they feature samples galore, health and beauty, pet supplies, kids, mp3, and more.

Jan. 14th, 2001:

  • A Huge Deal -- Online coupons, discounts, deals and freebies for just about anything you are looking to purchase online.

Jan. 8th, 2001:

  • Freebie Forest -- Free stuff, free samples, trial offers, free coupons, free catalogs, free to enter sweepstakes, contests and anything else that's free.

Dec. 30th, 2000:

Dec. 26th, 2000:

  • -- Free stuff for college students, ranging from free essays to free condoms.

Dec. 13th, 2000:

  • -- Free cds, cash, mp3, books, cds, and much more, especially offers for U.K. residents (but most available anywhere).

Nov. 17th, 2000:

  • Freebates -- A whole spectrum of freebies, rebates, deals, and steals.

Nov. 12th, 2000:

  • Daily Freebie -- Freebies updated daily, plus a fully searchable free archive.

Oct. 23rd, 2000:

  • Kurt's Free World -- Lots of links to free software, free sounds, free cash, and more.

Sep. 25th, 2000:

Aug. 17th, 2000:

July 29th, 2000:

  • Lisasfreebies -- Lots of freebies, several categories plus featured/new freebies.

June 21st, 2000:

  • FreeGoodies4U -- Links to some of the best free goodies on the Internet.

Mar. 22nd, 2000:

  • -- Contains only the selected links to freeware, freebies, great deals, and money making tips on the net. They try all the free stuff on their site and post only the best ones.

Mar. 20th, 2000:

  • Best Dog Free Stuff -- Lots of dog-related freebies --virtual greetings, games, links to lots of free samples, screensavers and lots more.

Mar. 2nd, 2000:

  • UK Free Stuff -- If you live in the U.K., here's a freebie site for you!

Feb. 8th, 2000:

Jan. 15th, 2000:

  • A 1 Freebies -- Free site hosting, E-mail, graphics, music, jokes, screen savers, webmaster tools, Internet access and much more.

Dec. 26th, 1999:

Dec. 20th, 1999:

Dec. 18th, 1999:

  • What A Lulu -- Lots of links to free graphics, catalogs, jokes, and more.

Dec. 13th, 1999:

  • Web Cash HQ -- Links to various programs to earn cash or points on the web.

Dec. 9th, 1999:

Dec. 7th, 1999:

  • ZipResponse -- Contests, coupons, catologs, samples, bizopps, webmaster resources, e-zine subscriptions, software, games, and more.

Nov. 28th, 1999:

  • FREEzer -- Links to free money, screensavers, graphics, and much more.

Nov. 5th, 1999:

  • Free Stuff Place -- Lists and rates free offers in a variety of categories, including free email, fonts, web pages, software, coupons, and more.

Oct. 29th, 1999:

Oct. 11th, 1999:

  • -- A free stuff starting point, containing hundreds of well-organized links to providers of free homepages, screensavers, wallpaper, desktop themes, chat rooms, animated gifs, clip art, and more.

Sep. 20th, 1999:

  • It's Free 4 U -- Free stuff and freeware in dozens of categories.

Sep. 4th, 1999:

Aug. 22nd, 1999:

Aug. 11th, 1999:

  • Brian's Free Stuff -- Lots of Free Stuff links, for stuff available by Internet or by Phone.

July 10th, 1999:

  • All 4 Free -- More than 1500+ Free things available including cds, samples, cgi scripts, graphics, cash, posters, t-shirts, webpages, and lots more.

June 27th, 1999:

  • Diggn4Gold's Hidden Mine -- Links to free stuff in many categories, like food & beverage, health & beauty, pet stuff, clothing, and more.

  • Freebies World -- Over 1000 freebies and counting.

June 10th, 1999:

  • Pot of Gold -- A list of various contests/sweepstakes on the net, as well as other programs to earn money and get free stuff on the web.

June 9th, 1999:

  • No Junk Free Stuff -- Only quality free stuff, including categorized links and reviews of popular offers.

June 6th, 1999:

  • TheBestLinks for freebies -- Lots of free goodies to be found in here including software, sweepstakes, webmaster resources, free Internet access and much more.

June 5th, 1999:

  • Freeware Guide -- A guide to freeware and shareware sites, plus free-stuff sites.

June 2nd, 1999:

May 25th, 1999:

  • FreeLinks -- Lots of internet freebies, including MP3, screensavers, webmaster freebies, and more.

May 24th, 1999:

May 17th, 1999:

  • 3-4-You -- Links to lots of freebies and contests.

May 3rd, 1999:

Apr. 22nd, 1999:

  • Freebietown -- A nice new free-stuff site with internet freebies, catalogs, coupons, and sweepstakes listings.

Apr. 10th, 1999:

  • Absolutely Freebies -- A professional-looking site with lots of free offers for webmasters and other net users.

Apr. 6th, 1999:

  • 1 About Free Stuff -- A good guide to free stuff from beauty to health to graphics to webmaster resources.

  • Freaky Freddies -- Over 64 categories of free stuff, updated daily. Very clean navigation.

Apr. 1st, 1999:

  • Money 4 Surveys -- This site lists a lot of sites where you can earn money by filling out surveys, plus other categories of freebies.

Mar. 31st, 1999:

  • Free Channel -- Lots of free stuff for webmasters and for everybody.

Mar. 30th, 1999:

  • Freebies Freebies Freebies -- A small, personal list of the best freebies found on the web by the site's author. Food, software, contests, and more.

Mar. 24th, 1999:

Mar. 20th, 1999:

Mar. 16th, 1999:

  • -- Another site with categorized free offers and webmaster freebies.

Mar. 9th, 1999:

  • Interlinks -- 16 categories and 201 subcategories of free stuff.

  • Amazing Links -- Lots of interesting and amazing links to free stuff, free email service providers, free web tutorials, free online IQ tests, personality tests, and more.

Mar. 5th, 1999:

Feb. 26th, 1999:

  • Free Vault -- A nicely categorized freebie site with all offers rated (1-5 stars).

Feb. 23rd, 1999:

  • The Free Spot -- Yet more free stuff, of course, in over a dozen categories.

Feb. 9th, 1999:

Jan. 24th, 1999:

  • Free Stuff Central -- Tons of free stuff ranging from beauty supplies to office supplies, plus contests and special offers.

Dec. 25th, 1998:

  • Volition to get Free Stuff -- This is one of the oldest and most comprehensive Free-Stuff sites available. Not only does Volition have Free Stuff, but lots of contests. Lots of links to other sites, contests, etc., and a couple contests of their own. Also books about free stuff.

Nov. 20th, 1998:

Oct. 19th, 1998:

  • The Free Site -- This is probably the most popular free-stuff site out there. It features dozens of categories of freebies, especially internet-related freebies, and each item has a helpful description.

Oct. 4th, 1998:

  • Point Freebie -- A new but growing list of free stuff for consumers, webmasters, etc.

Oct. 3rd, 1998:

Aug. 28th, 1998:

  • Cool Freebie Links -- Links to hundreds of freebie sites, with detailed reviews on the very best ones.

Aug. 20th, 1998:

June 7th, 1998:

June 2nd, 1998:

Dec. 10th, 1997:

Sep. 6th, 1997:

  • All-4-Free Freebie Tree -- Great free stuff site that includes free CDs, Contests, Mousepads, T-Shirts, Office Supplies, Books and more.

Sep. 4th, 1997:

July 13th, 1997:

Apr. 22nd, 1997:

Nov. 8th, 1996:

  • The Big Dog Bar -- Swedish site with links to free stuff, with good brief descriptions.

Oct. 17th, 1996:

Oct. 5th, 1996:

Sep. 23rd, 1996:

Sep. 1st, 1996:

  • Free Stuff Now! -- Links to free stuff on the internet or by 1-800 number.

Aug. 29th, 1996:

Aug. 28th, 1996:

  • ShopSite -- ShopSite has a "free stuff" area that offers dozens of free offers that you can order online. Several of the offers are free samples.

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